GALAXY suncatcher in brass and glass crystal

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Galaxy is a sun catcher composed of a 2cm diameter glass crystal, an 18cm golden chain, and three rings of 6, 4, and 3cm, all made of brass. A small hook of 1.5 cm in diameter allows you to hang it on a window with a suction cup, on a shelf with a nail, in a tree or on a plant... etc. Each suncatcher comes in a kraft jewelry box. A true visual chime, cut crystal acts like an optical prism and projects multicolored reflections around it when it is facing the sun. It will have different effects depending on its placement; Placed near a wall, it will give an intense but concentrated effect on a space, while placed near a window, its effect will be more ambient and light. Ambient brightness also plays a role in the intensity of the suncatcher effect; the darker your room is overall, the more intense the effect will be while if your room is very bright, the effect will be more diffuse.

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