Sunday Morning Room + Linen Spray 4oz

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Our Room + Linen Sprays are a perfect way to bring scent into your busy life! As the name states, use in your room as a breath of fresh air, on your sheets or linens to brighten them up, on your husband's stinky shoes or hockey gear, or even in the car! They are even skin-safe and can be used as a body spray in a pinch! We have no doubt that you’ve had that quintessential, amazing Sunday morning breakfast. The perfect start to a lazy day, before having to jump into the Monday-est of Mondays'. Truth is, that breakfast for us is bananas foster French toast, and just might be the last bit of comfort to be enjoyed before starting the work week, so might as well make a doozy out of it! Throw on those 90’s tunes, get yourself a fork, and dive in... This sh*t is bananas! Featuring notes of sweet caramelized banana, butter, spiced rum, and brioche. Ingredients: Ethanol (grain derived), Fragrance (skin safe)

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