Soft As Heel Oil-Gel Smoothing Heel Patch with Castrol Oil

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Soft on the outisde, boss energy on the inside. Infused with castor seed oil, smoothing salicylic acid, & soothing lavender oil, this oil-gel heel patch moisturizes extra-dry heels & calluses. • Heel patches are easy-to-use & comfy • Castor Seed Oil: rich in essential fatty acids to help moisturize extra-dry heels • Salicyilc Acid: breaks up with dead skin cells to help smooth the look of calluses • Lavender Oil: antioxidant-rich to help soothe the look of cracked, uncomfy heels LET'S DO THIS: • Wash & dry feet. • Carefully cut or tear seams on each side of ankle tab to open. • Wrap pocket around heel. Remove sticker & fasten tabs securely around ankle. • Leave on for 20 mins. • Remove & discard (one-time use only). • Rinse well & pat dry. PRO-TIP: Use 1-2x a week, alternating with our SOLE MATES Exfoliating Foot Mask."

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