Planter - Jerome: Dark grey / 12"

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We got to thinking this year: Why do 3D-printed products try so hard to look like they aren’t 3D-printed? Designers like us spend countless hours making layer lines less visible and edges sharper, and in the end we’re never completely satisfied. So this year we decided to see what we could make, not by hiding the nature of 3D-printing, but embracing it. The result is something you won’t find anywhere else; our most unique, authentic, and durable planters yet! Never kill a plant again (well okay, maybe we can't promise that). Our self-watering planters come with a built-in reservoir and drip tray to prevent both root saturation and drying out. Each one is made from 100% recovered plastic waste, creating no environmental footprint. Using the self-watering feature: Give your plant a good soak after planting to fill up the reservoir, then water to your plants needs as usual. It's as simple as that!

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