Plant Potting Mat - Daisy Design | houseplant repotting

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Our plant potting mat is both cute, practical, and handmade! - This waterproof mat handles wet soil easily without making a mess. - The size is perfect for most indoor plant repotting, up to 10 inch pots fit comfortably on the mat. Who buys this item: - This item is often purchased by people who "have too many plants" - The repotting mat is especially popular for people who live in small houses or apartments, or in climates where it's not easy to pot outside year round. Instructions: Simply remove the mat from the reusable storage tube, snap the corners, and it is ready to be used. When you are done potting, simply wipe it off and place back in the package for easy storage. This item sells especially well when a display item is also shown - display units are only $5. Size: Potting Mat Dimensions: 24in x 15in Dimensions of packaging: 1.5in x 15.5in Shipping: - the light weight and durability of this product makes for inexpensive, damage free shipping.

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