General blend-Potting soil for indoor plants Large (7.5 L)

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All-purpose soil mix, ideal for plants that enjoy rich nutrient soil and water retention without becoming over-saturated, Say goodbye to root rot, and say hello to beautiful, healthy plants. Plants that enjoy this mix: Alocasias, Colocasia, Caladium, Calatheas, Ferns, Palm trees, Ficus trees, Hoyas, ZZ plants, Ceropegia, Dieffenbachia, Peace lily, terrarium plants, and more How do I know if the General mix is right for my plant? Look for the following keys: -Plants that have small, shallow, and thin roots -Plants that enjoy moist conditions and don't like to dry in between waterings. -Plants with thin leaves Benefits of using Maya Growing Mediums soils *Prevents root rot: even though this mix has a fine and loose texture, it has an excellent water retention ratio without becoming waterlogged due to its coco-coir-based content. Sizes: 3 Liters: is enough to fill 5 (4 inches) nursery pots & 1 (6 inches) nursery pot. 7 Liters: is enough to fill 6 (4 inches & 5 (6 inches) nursery pot

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