Crystal Moon Suncatcher Sticker

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Need a mood boost? These damage-free suncatcher decals add a touch of art to any window, and cast vibrant rainbows across your room when in direct sunlight! These rainbows have been known to put smiles on the faces of adults and children alike. To use, simply clean your window, add a little water to the back of the suncatcher (once the transparent backing is removed), and place wherever desired. It’s easy to adjust, move, and reuse, leaving no sticky residue. Designed and handmade in Canada. White suncatchers are packaged on orange cardstock, and black suncatchers on cream cardstock. This contrast helps the designs pop from a distance. Instructions are on the back, and they are packaged in protective cellophane. Hole punched for hanging displays if requested for an additional fee. I can also send rainbow demo footage and reels for social media promos.

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