Chocolate Hazelnut Marshmallows

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Vanilla marshmallow swirled with a chocolate hazelnut spread filling. This mallow is a favourite for dunking in your hot chocolate or morning coffee. Adds an extra touch of sweetness and flavour kick as it melts into your hot drink. Lolly's is a small family business making handcrafted marshmallows in flavours you never thought possible! We have created over 100 flavours to date and strive to turn every dessert, treat, snack and drink into a yummy fluffy marshmallow-y bite. All bags contain 12 pieces, handcut roughly to 1.25"x1.25" in size. All marshmallows contain sugar, gelatin, and corn syrup. While some flavours may be dairy-free and gluten friendly, cross-contamination may still occur as all flavours are made in the same facility.

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