Cement Candle Refill Cotton Wick

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185 grams of coconut wax, cotton wick. phthalate free fragrance oil 

**Refills are only meant to be used in Twenty-Two Stones cement jars**

To use refill make sure cement jar is clean first. this can be done by putting jar in freezer for a couple of hours and popping the remainder wax out with a knife, or use boiling water to fill the vessel up allow to cool and collect all of the remainder wax. 

Take the wick out of the bag, reseal the bag and put in the microwave for 35 seconds. take bag out and massage wax. do as needed until wax is melted. 

Stick wick into the bottom of the vessel by pealing the sticker cover off the bottom of the wick. 

Pour wax in and use a pencil to wrap excess wick around to make sure wick stays centre. 

For best results allow wax to cure for 7 days before burning. 


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