Cactus blend-Potting soil for indoor plants (Copy) (Copy): Small (3 L)

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Specially formulated soil for desert plants that enjoy very well-draining soils. This mix is rich in pearlite and gardening sand, ensuring fast water draining. Plants that enjoy this mix All cactus family plants, including succulents, haworthias, snake plants, yuccas, ponytail palms, euphorbias, and more. How do I know if the Cactus mix is right for my plant? Look for the following keys: -Plants with very fleshy leaves -Plants with big thick stems (water usually is stored in there for drought seasons) Benefits of using Maya soil mix *Prevent root rot: this mix has a very airy texture and maximum water drainage Sizes: 3 Liters: is enough to fill 5 (4 inches) nursery pots & 1 (6 inches) nursery pot. 7 Liters: is enough to fill 6 (4 inches) nursery pots & 5 (6 inches) nursery pots.

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