ARTEMIS Mini Suncatcher in brass and glass crystal

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This Suncatcher, inspired by the Greek goddess Artemis, celebrates the combined power of the moon and this divinity who protects nature, evoking femininity, intuition and subtle magic. Original design - French handcrafted Characteristics: Hook: 1.5cm in diameter (0.6in) Chain: 20cm (8in) Crystal: Ø 1.5 cm (0.6 in) Brass structure: 3x5cm (1.2x2in) Total length: 28cm (11in) Each sun catcher comes in a kraft cardboard gift box. The brass is first cleaned, then protected using museum-quality wax. This wax delays the oxidation of brass, allowing it to keep its original patina for a long time. Perfect for home decor shops, gift shops, and zen spaces Hang it near windows, display it on shelves, or create captivating windows and a magical atmosphere in your store. Any questions? Send me a message! I answer within 24 hours from Monday to Saturday.

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