Aroid blend- Potting soil for indoor plants

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Our Aroid mix is ideal for plants that enjoy rich nutrient soil and well aeration, with a high content of premium and sustainably harvested pine, fir bark, and hand-harvested golden sphagnum moss. Plants that enjoy this mix: Philodendrons, Monsteras, Orchids, Rhaphidophoras, Anthuriums, Pothos (Eppripenum), Aglaonemas, Amydium and more How do I know if the Aroid mix is right for my plant? Look for the following keys: -Plants that have extensive and fat roots (usually whiteish, cream, or light yellow) -Plants that climb -Plants with aerial roots -Plants that are epiphytic (grow on other plants in nature) Benefits of using Maya Aroid mix *Prevent root rot: The Aroid mix has Sustainably sourced pine and fir bark, chunky pearlite, and golden sphagnum moss to provide maximum aeration to your plant roots Sizes *Small/3 Liters: Enough to fill 5x nursery pots (4 in) & 1x nursery pot (6in) *Large/8.5 Liters: Fills 8x nursery pots (4 in) & 5x nursery pots (6in)

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