88040: Külzee Can Handle Cooler | Recycled rPET | Multi Poppy

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Fydelity Drops the Külzee™ The Coolest, Eco-Funkiest Insulated Beverage Holder Ever! The Külzee™ Insulated Beverage Holder - a harmonious blend of eco-conscious design and practical functionality, the Külzee™ is set to redefine imbibement from a can. Sustainably savvy, Fydelity's latest creation, primarily crafted from 100% reclaimed rPET, ensures your sips stay cool and close, even when you're less than steady on your feet. Grab the handle and hold on like a stein or go for a reach around and never lose your grip. Funky Features to Flip Over: Grip It and Sip It •No more spills! The Külzee's™ no-drop handle keeps your drink attached to you, even when you're busting a move.

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