3 Pack Caramel Cocoa Bombs

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MADE 100% IN THE USA 3-Pack of buttery caramel flavored Cocoa Bombs™ each packed with tons of mini white marshmallows! * Each product is made with 100% real chocolate and other specialty ingredients for an explosively-fun experience and rich flavor! Cocoa Bombs™ are the perfect twist to ordinary and BORING hot cocoa powder. * Cocoa Bombs™ are the perfect gift for all occasions and are sure to bring a smile to adults, kids or anyone with a sweet tooth!  Directions: Carefully place bomb into a cup or mug, add 6-8 ounces of warm milk, slowly pour over the bomb, and watch the chocolate melt away with a fun marshmallow surprise! Give it a quick stir to mix in the melted chocolate and voilà! Ingredients: Milk chocolate, mini vegan marshmallows, natural caramel flavor, non-GMO vegetable oil. 

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